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Video interviews

What we do

Broadcast-quality interviews, conducted by journalists with specialist knowledge of relevant subject areas, edited by our creative team and circulated via our exclusive media network.



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White papers and technical documents

In-depth research services by industry experts. Commissioned by you, designed by us and targeted to your audience.

Websites, Microsites and landing pages

Create, launch and report on highly functional and data-rich Landing Pages, Promotional Microsites and Content hubs.

Opinion pieces for CEOs

Connect researchers and journalists with your leadership to author effective, expert content.

Infographics and interactive content

Present unique insights or key achievements as visual stories which guarantee impact and travel virally within your target audience.

Audio Interviews and Podcast Production

One-to-one interviews, roundtable discussions, multi-part series and sponsored topic exposés.

Blog and news item production

Take your web, news and social content to a new level with our team of specialist journalists and content creators.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Video works - thousands of professionals in your industry watch hours of business content weekly. Tell rich stories, memorably.

How ABB used ContentWorks to create a practical guide to building an all-electric mine.

We partnered with ABB to support the launch of the ABB eMine™ initiative, and their work to draw attention to their position as key thought leaders for the industry.

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How SAP worked with Farming Ahead to activate a webcast and ABM lead generation campaign

We partnered with SAP to expand their scope of opportunities to support digital transformation in the Asian Poultry and Livestock industry sector.

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